Life gets busy

Your skincare shouldn't be

Ducalm is a PhD/MD developed, non-toxic natural skincare line that achieves clear, nourished and glowing skin in fewer steps.


We set out to create a sustainable and natural skincare line to help declutter your routine and achieve optimal skin health with fewer steps. We want to show you how to achieve your best skin with just a handful of products and a few minutes a day using our multifunctional, gentle, yet effective formulas. We say no to overly complex routines and unnecessary fillers, waste and fluff and yes to cleaner and simpler solutions that preserves your skin as well as the environment. 



"This product is amazing. I am 67 years old and I am excited to tell you that after only a few applications the lines on my face have deminished significantly. I use the product daily as my only primer and it’s goes on cool and provides a great mat finish that lasts all day. I carry one in my purse at all times but never seem to need to reapply. Try it- you will not be disappointed but, you will become addicted."



"I have become obsessed with Young Glow Duo! I’m not someone who generally uses skincare products, but now I am hooked. I used to break out every month and it was so frustrating – I’m in my 20’s, eat healthy, exercise, sleep well, etc. Ever since I started using this combo as a moisturizer I haven’t broken out once. I put it on after I wash my face and it’s kept my skin clear and healthy. As a bonus, it makes my skin glow – no makeup needed 🙂"


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