Tea Tree Leaf Extract & Our Cool Deodorant Wipes
We love natural remedies to common hygiene and beauty concerns. Our formulas are all derived from natural, nontoxic sources and clinically tested to prove that real benefits are provided. The results speak for themselves but we also believe in transparency of our ingredients.
How To Recycle Skincare
You are recycling everyday and perhaps wonder how you can take it a bit further. It all starts with the five “Rs” of recycling and then there’s some technical stuff you should know. So, what are the five RsReduce, Refuse, Repurpose, Recycle, Remember.
Hydrating Vs Moisturizing
If you have dehydrated skin, your skin is lacking water = hydrating. If you have dry skin, your skin is lacking oil = moisturizing.
Resurfacing & Exfoliating
As skin technology advances we are hearing more terminology in the skin regimen world. For the sake of your skin, it is paramount to understand the difference between resurfacing and exfoliating-- as they are different in terms of method and ingredients as well as the size of the hole they burn in your wallet.
Sweating & Your Skin Health
Our DUCALM tribe relishes in the glow of a rigorous sweaty workout and we are here to tell you a few tips that will help keep your skin clear and you more comfortable on the go. 
National Fitness Month
We all know that fitness is something we all can attain and there are so many ways to do it at the level we need and our bodies can handle. Everyone has a different idea of what fitness and health means to them. So why not explore the different options out there?
On the Go: Skincare Regimen for the Go-getter
Whether it’s the young mom rushing after career and kids, the commuter, the high school athlete or the studio fitness buff, we know you pack it all in. Ducalm MD Skincare products are designed to support your needs. We know...
Evening Regimen for Oily & Acne Prone Skin
No one wants to wake up with makeup residue on their face or smudgy, smeared pillowcases. Before you go to sleep, make sure your face is clean—for the sake of your linens and your complexion! You should also change your...
What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

Hyaluronic acid is the key molecule involved in our skins’ moisture. Just as our natural production of elastin and collagen decline as we age, the same is true for our natural production of hyaluronic acid.

Oil Cleanse in a Wipe: a Guide our Makeup Removing Wipes
Unlike other wipes on the market, our Makeup Removing Wipes don’t pack any harsh or unfamiliar chemicals.
The Hype About Hemp Seed Oil Explained
Hemp seed oil is commonly used to calm down inflamed skinbalance oil production and reduce the dreaded fine lines and wrinkles that come with aging. 
Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On Exfoliating
Sometimes our bodies do not completely shed off all of the dead skin cells on their own, leaving a significant amount of cells behind. This will usually result in the appearance of dry/flaky skin, and uneven skin tones.
What type of facial cleanser is right for me?
In this blog, we are emphasizing the importance of having a wardrobe of facial cleansers and how to determine which combo of cleansers are best suited for your unique complexion. 
Acupressure: The Ancient Secret to A Glowing Complexion
What is Acupressure? You might be familiar with acupressure’s many uses from treating aches and pains to calming the mind, but did you know that acupressure can also be used as part of your daily skin routine to improve the...
Is Aloe Vera Good for My Skin?
You might find yourself wondering if Aloe Vera is actually good for your skin. Fortunately, the use of aloe vera, topically, has been researched for years, backing up these ancient claims.
Infrared sauna & skin
Very few things feel better and more rewarding than sweating it out during your favorite workout.  Some of us like to keep that sweat going by heading to the sauna afterward.
What is skin purging?
We know that adding a new product to an established skincare routine can be a real undertaking. We all have different needs for our skin, and it takes experimentation and patience to find what works for each person as an individual. With...
How to transform your skin with the right, barrier supporting oils
he three main components of a functional skin barrier are cholesterol, fatty acids (such as stearic or palmitic acid) and ceramides. As we age, the balance of these components becomes more and more crucial. 
What is the moisture barrier and why does it matter?
Your Moisture Barrier aka. acid mantle or hydro-lipid film is the skin’s protective layer.
What I have learned about my skin – a skincare line Founder’s guiding principles to healthy, glowing skin.
It was always hard for me to find a skincare system that worked and helped clear my skin problems.
Sweaty Science – DUCALM’s 3-step Post Workout Skincare Routine
As you know, working out and sweating is a fave at DUCALM and we are all about a great post workout skincare routine! Sweat works to protect your skin through the moisture barrier, so it is fantastic for your skin but there are some things you can incorporate to make your sweat work better for you.