Acupressure: The Ancient Secret to A Glowing Complexion

Acupressure: The Ancient Secret to A Glowing Complexion

What is Acupressure?

You might be familiar with acupressure’s many uses from treating aches and pains to calming the mind, but did you know that acupressure can also be used as part of your daily skin routine to improve the overall appearance of your complexion? Acupressure is an ancient Chinese Therapy that continues to be widely used today. Acupressure focuses on massaging and applying pressure to various points along the body in order to help restore your energy flow, which allows for our bodies to function at their best. Ancient Chinese practitioners discovered that it’s so important to maintain a balanced energy flow in order to stay healthy. Acupressure points lie along meridians, which you can think of as many ‘roadways’ that run throughout your body. These meridians, or ‘roadways,’ are said to be one of the major ways that energy can travel to important organs and tissues, and support their functions. It’s important to keep these ‘roadways’ clear, so that the flow of energy is not disrupted and our bodies can continue to heal and be nourished. By massaging acupressure points, you may prevent these ‘road blocks’ from occurring. The great news about acupressure--it can be easily performed, on your own, in the comfort of your home! Unlike its close relative, acupuncture, needles are not required. For those of you who are fearful of needles, we are sure reading that was a huge sigh of relief. All you need is the power of your own fingertips, and for an added bonus, combine with our Young Glow Duo.


Our Young Glow Duo is our 2-piece set containing (1) maracuja seed oil and (1) aloe vera moisturizer. Mix the oil and moisturizer and apply together as you are performing acupressure for the best result and a serious non-greasy glow.


How Does Acupressure Benefit My Skin?

Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system is constantly working in your favor by removing toxins from your body and preventing infections from occurring. When your lymphatic system is blocked, fluid will tend to accumulate under the skin, which usually results in a dull, puffy and swollen appearance of the complexion. Acupressure may help to prevent lymphatic blockage or unblock an already blocked system, which may inevitably result in a more vibrant, youthful appearance of your skin!

Postpartum Swelling

For those of you who are experiencing postpartum swelling and puffiness of the face, acupressure is here to your rescue! Research supports acupressure’s effectiveness in improving blood circulation. When blood circulation is optimal, this allows a better opportunity for excess fluid buildup to be flushed out of the body.

Improve Blood Circulation

We can’t emphasize enough how important optimal blood circulation is when it comes to skin health! Why is that you might ask? Your blood circulation works to deliver oxygen-rich blood and nutrients towards your skin cells and remove carbon dioxide and wastes away from your skin cells--all processes that are necessary in order for your skin to thrive! If your blood circulation is poor, your skin cells are most likely crying for oxygen and nutrients and are being submerged in toxic wastes. This commonly presents itself as dark circles under the eyes, a dull complexion, increased inflammation in the body which makes the skin more susceptible to flare-ups (especially in those with eczema), and premature wrinkles due to not enough antioxidants being able to reach the skin cells to ward off the damaging free radical molecules that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Well, thank goodness for acupressure. Research supports acupressure’s effectiveness in improving our blood circulation, which inherently results in improved tissue repair and healthier skin!


How Can I Incorporate Acupressure into My Daily Routine?

It’s quite simple. With many of us always on the go, thankfully all you need is a few minutes out of your day to complete this self-therapy. In the morning or before bed (or both), mix together our Young Glow Duo and apply the mixture to your face, using your fingertips. Apply pressure and rub in small, but firm circles to each of the areas listed below (remember to do both sides of the face). Massage each area for 30 seconds while taking deep breaths that can be felt all the way down to your belly button.

  • the temples
  • in between the eyebrows
  • underneath the eyebrows
  • below the cheekbones
  • along the jaw line
  • along the nape of the neck

The more our Western society learns how powerful this ancient practice of Chinese medicine actually is, the more we are beginning to incorporate its ideas and practices into our daily lives. Are you ready to incorporate acupressure into your daily skin routine? Shop our very own Young Glow Duo today!