Everyone’s Answer to Glowing Skin

Everyone’s Answer to Glowing Skin

Gorgeous, glowing skin is always in! And real talk, when someone’s complexion looks lit, we’re all hoping they’ll spill their skincare secrets ASAP. There’s just something about a naturally radiant complexion that has universal appeal. It instantly represents youthfulness, health and beauty without ever having to utter a word. As if that’s not enough, thanks to the latest K-Beauty craze, perfectly smooth and dewy Glass Skin is shaping up to be the biggest skincare trend of the season.

If you’re thinking, “Thank you, next,” because rolling out of bed with a covet-inducing glow is more Beyoncé’s life and less real life, don’t stress. Whether you struggle with acne, oil, dryness or any of the effects that come with the inevitable reality of aging, that doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let your glow start to go.

The key to giving your skin a brighter future comes down to two things – 1) staying hydrated inside and out, and 2) finding the right products and ingredients to help nourish your skin.

We can’t force you to drink all the water or eat a healthy diet, but thankfully, when it comes to skincare, we’ve got you covered!

There are countless oils, moisturizers, lotions, and potions out there promising to help your complexion glow. The problem is, many of them just sit on the surface of the skin, which may give you an amazing highlight effect, but the results are only temporary. Without proper absorption, you’re not getting the most from all of those precious ingredients you paid for, and your skin isn’t getting the hydration it needs or the long-term results you deserve.

That’s part of what makes the DUCALM™ Young Glow Duo so different. Not only does it come complete with both an oil-based serum and moisturizer, but the products were designed to work synergistically with your skin. That means whether you choose to use the Pretty Young Skin Glow Serum and Smooth Beam Glow Facial Moisturizer together or separate, you can feel confident that they’re going to melt into your skin, providing the greatest benefits possible below the surface while leaving a gorgeous glow behind.

And like every DUCALM product, the YOUNG GLOW DUO is Physician-formulated and designed to work for all skin types. More than that, both the serum and moisturizer are packed with skin-loving natural ingredients that go beyond just hydrating from the inside out, they address the visible signs of aging too! A mix of nourishing oils, like Apricot Kernel, Maracuja, and Evening Primrose Oil work to hydrate, soothe and visibly plump the skin, while a powerhouse of antioxidants, including Vitamins A, C & E, help smooth, firm and even your skin tone while also protecting against future damage. If you just let out a little, “Hell yeah!” at the realization that maybe you can have it all, that’s okay. We do it sometimes too! Now there’s only one question to ask, are you ready to glow?