Infrared sauna & skin

Infrared sauna & skin

Very few things feel better and more rewarding than sweating it out during your favorite workout.  Some of us like to keep that sweat going by heading to the sauna afterward.  The higher temperature keeps the heart pumping and increases circulation, reinvigorating skin and muscles and bringing out a healthy glow.  Heated sweat tends to contain a higher concentration of toxins than a workout, which comparatively tends to produce sweat consisting more of water and salt.  Back in June we wrote about how to keep your skin performing at its best before, during, and after a gym session.  We should be taking even greater care of our skin when it comes to heat-induced sweat!

Infrared saunas are gaining more and more popularity across the country.  Traditional saunas heat the air, but infrared saunas (also called far-infrared saunas or FIRS) use a specific wavelength of light between visible light and radio waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, which creates heat inside of your body that radiates outward.  While the temperature in a traditional sauna hovers somewhere around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, an infrared sauna usually stays somewhere between 120 and 150 degrees.  This can be more comfortable for the average person and allows for a more relaxing, deeper sweat.  It also allows for longer sweat sessions!  But, the more we sweat, the more dead skin, bacteria, and toxins remain on the body following a trip to the sauna.

When sweat evaporates, the salt, sebum, and other sweat byproducts become concentrated and sit on your skin.  It’s so important to make sure it doesn’t stay for too long on the body.  If you don’t take the right measures to cleanse, the combination of dead skin, oils, and other nasties can cause your pores to become blocked and irritated.  Clogged pores can cause comedones to form, or other conditions like prickly heat or folliculitis, and the moist, warm environment can cause bacteria to multiply.  That’s where DUCALM comes in!

This summer we are so excited to partner with HigherDOSE, an infrared sauna spa based in Manhattan.  HigherDOSE encourages you to “Get High Naturally” – a good trip to the sauna should give you a rush of endorphins, giving you both a mental and physical boost.  After an intense, invigorating sweat in one of their sauna rooms, you’ll be able to cleanse and remove any sweat byproducts with one of our Walk out Clean Shower Wipes or Post Sweat Refresh Wipes.  Our wipes are gentle and refresh naturally – they won’t strip your skin of its necessary protective barrier and will leave you clean and ready for your next endeavor.  Natural botanical ingredients like marshmallow root extract, aloe, and chamomile reduce inflammation to soothe any irritation.  They are nontoxic, unscented, and safe for all ages and even the most sensitive complexion.  Walk out of a session at HigherDOSE with an energized glow and fresh, clean, reinvigorated skin!

Image credit, HigherDOSE.