Hydrating Vs Moisturizing

Hydrating Vs Moisturizing

Hydrating vs Moisturizing 

Let's clarify what the difference is between hydrating and moisturizing.

Hydration is the process of infusing your cells with water to HELP improve your skin’s ability to absorb nutrients and moisture. Hydration is the key to absorption. So if your skin is looking thirsty... it’s because it does not have the foundation to combat dehydrated cells and dryness. Without hydration, your skin lacks suppleness.

Moisturizing is the act of locking in moisture and trapping it in order to create a protective skin membrane. Once that moisture is locked, there is little chance of water loss. Moisturizing is the act of maintaining smooth and soft skin.

In short, if you have dehydrated skin, your skin is lacking water = hydrating. If you have dry skin, your skin is lacking oil = moisturizing.


How do you hydrate?

If you find your skin is dull and see those fine lines and wrinkles creeping in, your skin is screaming “DEHYDRATION!” Just like the rest of our body, you need to replenish your system with the right ingredients. First, drink some water! How many glasses have you had today? After you have sufficiently chugged some water, reach for the powerful Multitastic Barrier Facial Moisturizing Pressed Serum Stick. This serum is a soothing facial stick that not only locks in hydration, but creates that protective barrier while smoothing your fine lines. The convenient twist-stick easily travels with you for multiple applications throughout the day.


How do you moisturize?

When you notice your skin on the flaky and dry side, these are the first indications that your skin barrier is having difficulty locking in moisture. In order to help your skin stay seriously moisturized, Young Glow Duo uses the very best natural oils and botanicals to give you that deep moisturizing your skin is begging for. Used in conjunction with the Pressed Serum Stick, the hyaluronic acid bonds with the oil in the Duo to fill in wrinkles and plump the skin for that extra layer of hydration AND moisture.

Not everyone has the same skin type so it only makes sense to find the right product for you. If you fall into the category of sensitive skin, dry skin, or acne prone skin, the Calm and Balmy™ gel serum is the one for you. This calming facial serum is derived from several extracts to gently soothe your skin. The silky gel formula combines the hydration of hyaluronic acid and the moisture locking and texture boosting power of hemp seed oil for sensitive skin types. This is just the surface of the incredible ingredients that compose our Calm And Balmy™ Serum. Reading about it will get you so far, you have to try it to feel and See the difference.