Is Aloe Vera Good for My Skin?

Is Aloe Vera Good for My Skin?

What exactly is Aloe Vera?

Aloe is the name given to the cactus-like plant that grows in tropical climates worldwide, while aloe vera is the gel collected from the leaves of the aloe plant. Aloe vera has been a folk remedy used to treat a variety skin conditions such as rashes, sunburn and acne-to name a few.


Still skeptical? You might find yourself wondering if this ancient remedy is actually good for your skin. Fortunately, the use of aloe vera, topically, has been researched for years, backing up these ancient claims. Did you know that aloe vera is loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, which makes it a perfect home remedy for treating acne, dry skin, psoriasis and eczema? You can find aloe vera in our Walk Out Clean Shower Wipes.


Our Walk Out Clean Shower Wipes gently nourishes and cleanses your skin to give you that quick refresh on the go. These wipes are nontoxic, unscented, paraben, alcohol, sulfate and phthalate free. Perfect to use on the face after wearing your mask all day or even to freshen up post-workout. You will be left feeling clean and dry while removing bacteria from the face, nature’s way!


What are the additional benefits of using aloe vera on the skin?


Soothes the skin

Aloe vera works wonders for keeping the skin hydrated. It is, after all, made up of 99.5% water. This is huge, since dehydrated skin can result in inflamed, itchy and irritated skin. Moisture is key!


Cleanses skin under face masks

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us this year. Most of us have also experienced the discomfort of wearing masks all day. We’re all too familiar with the swampy, sticky feeling underneath our masks that we’re left with at the end of the day, and those pesky breakouts that tend to follow. While we use Purell on the hands to keep clean, our Walk Out Clean Shower Wipes can compare by using on the face to rid your face of bacteria.


Promotes healing of acne

Aloe vera, naturally, contains salicylic acid. However, its ability to keep the skin hydrated is actually what makes aloe vera a powerful home remedy for acne. A moist environment is better for healing acne!


Who would’ve ever known that aloe vera has such a variety of uses other than for treating those monster sunburns in the summertime? 

Ready to reap the benefits of nature’s own, aloe vera? Shop our Walk Out Clean Shower Wipes today!