National Fitness Month

National Fitness Month

As National Fitness Month comes to an end, that doesn’t mean your fitness goals should also end. Hopefully, this month of healthy choices has built some good habits that will give you lifelong benefits. We all know that fitness is something we all can attain and there are so many ways to do it at the level we need and our bodies can handle. Everyone has a different idea of what fitness and health means to them. So why not explore the different options out there?


Nutrition is Tantamount

Who is tired of hearing the word “Diet?” What we should really call it is, simply, proper nutrition. With modern technology and extensive research, you can dial down the exact ratio of necessary carbs, proteins, and fats to fuel your body type. And with a myriad of nutritional options out there, you can further tailor your grocery list to accommodate vegan, gluten-free, or low-carb lifestyles. For a baseline, make sure you’re getting enough of the right nutrients you need to maintain good health for your body type! When in doubt… you may think that you’re in perfect shape but a physical at the doctor with a blood test annually will show you the inside picture to make sure you’re supplementing correctly and that your body is at the proper levels of health in all areas for your age. This can help you target what you need to improve or affirm that your on the right track. Don’t forget your annual physical.


Get moving, keep moving!

Similar to the topic of nutrition, there are many ways to get and stay fit without having to run like Forrest. Running and jogging may also not be the best option for those with joint concerns or it could simply be too hot where you live. Pilates or Yoga at the gym would be great alternatives to running. You can also do both at home - we love that! Don’t let anyone tell you that Yoga is just fancy stretching. Depending on your level of fitness, yoga can be taken to the next level of strength, flexibility, and focus and core strength which is so important as we get older. It is up to you. Anything to get the heart pumping and the sweat beading is what we look for. Your skin will thank you too. Exercise keeps your DNA young and more youthful. Our telomeres get shorter as we age and exercise helps to stop this from happening. Telomeres protect the genome making sure our DNA gets copied over as cells divide. Keeping them in tip top shape is in interest. If that doesn’t sell it enough know what sweaty exercise cleanses the pores of toxins more regularly so that skin looks healthy and glowing. So get moving!


Sweat to No Regrets 

Try setting goals for your fitness mission. Do you want to look a certain way for your beach vacation? Do you want to fit into a certain dress for a wedding? Or would you like to be able to walk around the block without issues? Cardiovascular health is something we need to be acutely aware of. Placing reachable goals for yourself with realistic time frames will keep you on track and you’ll feel amazing for accomplishing that set goal. As the world opens back up to gyms and recreation centers, please be sure to stay safe and pack all your essential items in your workout bag.  We always carry around a water bottle, a protein shake or healthy snack to refuel, a clean towel, and the Back-To-Basics Gym Back 5 Piece set to make sure we are taking care of ourselves from the inside all the way out to our skincare needs ;)!

Stay healthy out there!