What type of facial cleanser is right for me?

What type of facial cleanser is right for me?


Not All Facial Cleansers Are Created Equal!

There is only one you, and that is your super power! In the same sense, there is no one-size-fits-all skin routine. In this blog, we are emphasizing the importance of having a wardrobe of facial cleansers and how to determine which combo of cleansers are best suited for your unique complexion. Once you have learned which facial cleansers are most appropriate for you, you can check out our favorite facial cleanser combinations mentioned at the end of this blog to help make your decision process a little less hectic. We’ve got your back!


What is Facial Cleansing and Why Is It So Important?

Facial cleansing includes using a combination of skincare products that are suitable for your skin type, to gently help remove sweat, excess oils, dirt, makeup, accumulation of dead skin cells during the skin cycle and pollutants from your face.

What exactly is the skin cycle you might ask? Your body is continuously creating new skin cells at the bottom-most layer of the skin, while simultaneously shedding the oldest layer of skin cells that are located on the surface of your skin. A full skin cycle is finished when the newest skin cells finally reach the surface of the skin, which takes about 28 days—and then the cycle begins allll over again. By cleansing daily, you are accelerating this skin turnover process, which can help to fight signs of aging (wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tone) and unwanted breakouts!

Cleansing should be viewed as setting the stage for your morning and night routine. Cleansing in the morning gently removes the dead skin cells, bacteria and natural oils that have accumulated on the face overnight, which is especially crucial to do before applying any moisturizers and/or makeup. If you apply a moisturizer without cleansing, that layer of dead skin cells, bacteria and natural oils sitting on the skin will prevent the moisturizer from penetrating through the skin deep enough to achieve proper hydration. If you apply makeup without cleansing, you are adding more substance to pores that are already filled with dead skin cells, bacteria and oils--a recipe for breakouts! In addition--If you don’t cleanse your face before applying makeup you may also notice a difference in how your skin takes up the makeup, such as the makeup tends to go on blotchy and uneven.

Cleansing at night ensures that you have removed all of the impurities that your face has come into contact with during the day, allowing for your skin to breathe and thrive as you sleep.


Why Do I Need a Wardrobe of Facial Cleansers?

The reason why there is not a one-size-fits-all skin routine is simply because we’re not all the same age AND we all live unique lifestyles—we live in different climates, have different levels of stress, our hormones are fluctuating differently throughout the month and our skin cycles can drastically vary from person to person.

In order to keep your skin balanced from the inside out, it’s important that you are using the appropriate cleanser that meets you at the current state of your skin. Since our skin can alternate between dry and oily it’s highly recommended that you have a wardrobe of cleansers handy to assist you during these different occasions. Let’s further explain with a couple of scenarios.

  • “I typically always have dry skin OR my skin is feeling a little on the dry side today.”
    • DO wash with a cleanser two times per day that will simultaneously cleanse while adding moisture to your skin. Cleansers with a creamy, milky, or oily consistency will be the best fit for you, as these will hydrate your skin and not strip it of much needed moisture.
  • “I typically always have oily skin OR my skin is feeling more on the oily side today.”
    • DO wash with a cleanser two times per day that is able to cut and remove oils. Use cleansers with a gel based, “soapy,” or oily consistency—yes, we said oily. Most people will tend to stray away from oil-based cleansers when their skin is feeling oily, fearing that they will only be adding to the issue. Oil-based cleansers work wonders for removing excess oils on the skin since “like dissolves like.”
    • DUCALM’s Favorite Cleanser Combos for Oily Days:
      • Normal/ Combination- Jelly Rose Balancing Cleanser followed up with Calm and Balmy work perfectly together as a moisturizing double-cleanse combo!
      • Resurface/ Hydrate- use Afresh Effect Spa Peel Pads followed by Coco Milky Sensitive Cleanser will resurface while providing key hydration to the skin during these days.
      • Dead skin and Plugs- Do a weekly exfoliation with an exfoliating toner -Porebiotic Mitts (coming soon) several time per week to slough away dead skin and visible white sebum plugs around the nose and chin a combo of dead skin, dirt and makeup that makes visible plugs or clogs in these areas. Green tea extract and probiotics help to help tone and restore balance. One of the founder’s favorite for her particular needs.

We’ve all heard of the saying, “Life is all about balance”, –right? We could say the same for your skincare. We strongly believe that adjusting your skin routine to its current needs, rather than using the same product year-round is one of the secrets to keeping your skin balanced and thriving from the inside out!