On the Go: Skincare Regimen for the Go-getter

On the Go: Skincare Regimen for the Go-getter

Whether it’s the young mom rushing after career and kids, the commuter, the high school athlete or the studio fitness buff, we know you pack it all in. Ducalm MD Skincare products are designed to support your needs. We know every day is different and unpredictable. With these tips and products, your skincare doesn’t tie you down, it moves with you!


Use a daily cleanser, but be gentle!

Your skin goes through a lot throughout the day. From pollution in the air and UV rays, cleansing your skin is a MUST.  Morning, Night and in the “in between moments”. Always wipe off your makeup at the end of the day so your skin can breath through the night. Ducalm’s  Makeup Removing wipes are alcohol free and won’t strip the natural oils from your skin. We recommend removing makeup before a sweaty workout and cleansing sweat off after for instance so that skin can breathe and so that clogs from oil and makeup don’t get trapped in your pores.  At night time face wash rids your skin of daily toxins and preps your skin for the moisturizing steps. We recommend a gentle cleanser without any harsh additives. Coco Milky is designed to be sensitive and moisturizing and Jelly rose is a light foaming cleanser that helps to balance oil production.


Refresh post-workout

Trying to squeeze a workout into an already packed day? Ducalm’s Shower Wipes allow you to skip the shower and fit in a few more laps on the treadmill. These wipes are some of the largest on the market, allowing you a full body wash before carrying on with the rest of your day. If you just need a quick cleanse, the smaller Refresh Wipes will get rid of any sweat and grime. These are definitely a gym bag/work bag essential for many other daily cleanups and refreshes.


Meet Gentle Clinical skincare blended with Natural Active Ingredients

Our motto has always been to use well tested ingredients that are safe for all skin types and skin tones. We take into consideration acids and actives that are gentle and effective so you can see gradual change without damaging the moisture barrier. Always avoid sulfates and parabens in your products and steer clear of deodorants with aluminum. We avoid the use of aluminum in our deodorant wipes by using Tea tree extract and benzalconium salt. Tea tree for instance, is a natural and powerful odor and bacteria eliminator, which is why it’s one of the main ingredients in Ducalm’s Deodorant Wipes. Our products are designed to reduce irritation and promote a healthy barrier making your on the go lifestyle easy on your skin.


Moisturize Twice a Day

Hydration is the key to youthful and supple skin, but your skin can dry out throughout the day. Apply a gentle moisturizer in the morning and night after cleansing.  Moisturizer not only keeps your skin supple and hydrated, it protects and strengthens the barrier (the skin’s natural defense), giving you a youthful glow naturally. We have crafted several great multitasking moisturizers to suit your skin’s specific needs, giving your skin a visible radiance that can forego makeup on the fly. Win, win!