Resurfacing & Exfoliating

Resurfacing & Exfoliating

Resurfacing & Exfoliating

As skin technology advances we are hearing more terminology in the skin regimen world. For the sake of your skin, it is paramount to understand the difference between resurfacing and exfoliating-- as they are different in terms of method and ingredients as well as the size of the hole they burn in your wallet.


What’s the Difference?

Resurfacing, simply put, is a technique used to remove dead skin cells. Methods such as chemical peels and lasers fall under the resurfacing category. They are often done by a specialist. Resurfacing is done to dramatically change the texture of your skin and often takes an average of 4 weeks to heal in between treatments. That should show you how powerful these pro treatments are and if they are necessary for your skin concerns.

Exfoliating is a technique used to unclog the pores and promote glow and this is what you can do at home with a scrub or cleanser. These are the day-to-day products we can find at any local drug store.

The type of exfoliant used for the skin can be either physical or chemical. Physical exfoliators can be sponges, facial scrubs, brushes -- a tool that uses granules to take off dead skin. Chemical exfoliants are enzymes or alpha hydroxy acids that loosen the bonds of skin cells. As a result, dead skin breaks away from the skin.


So ‘No’ on the DIY Resurfacing?

Although you can’t visit an esthetician twice a week for resurfacing, we have come close to formulating that experience for you. The luxury of the Afresh Effect Spa Peel Pads is that it offers safe ‘resurfacing’ at home. Our Spa Peel Pads contain a triple whammy formula of: 

  • AHA mandelic acid; a double duty hydrating, pH balancing exfoliant that helps loosen dead skin.
  • BHA salicylic acid; to slough dead skin cells and aid the skin’s natural cell turnover cycle.
  • And AHA Lactic acid; which helps with the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

This trio provides stunning results, and with regular usage over time, the texture of the skin appears smoother and brighter.


You’re Not Done Yet!

It’s imperative to protect and treat your newly scrubbed skin. Follow your exfoliating session with the Young Glow Duo, perfectly formulated to calm your skin after all that activity. The Duo includes a facial oil serum and an anti-aging moisturizer. This 2 piece kit helps lock in moisture and protects the epidermis layer. Oils rich in linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids repairs damage and scarring. It then moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin to balance and strengthen the skin barrier. Sunflower oil, kalahari melon seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, primrose, and chia seed oil may sound like a delicious smoothie but these are pure ingredients that have been combined to soothe and boost your natural glow.