Seven Head-to-Toe Ideas for Using Facial Oil

Our top-selling Young Glow Duo comes packed with a serum and moisturizer, but just like shampoo and conditioner, this pair rarely runs out at the same time. The good news is, while these products were designed to work together, the uses for Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum spans far beyond your daily skincare routine. Here are seven ideas to help you enjoy the skin-loving benefits of this powerful serum oil from head to toe.   

  1. Treat dryness and irritation on the spot – We have a tendency to automatically apply products all over our face and stick strictly to a morning and evening beauty routine, but it’s not necessary to be that stringent. Rather than reserving your Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum for use only twice a day, keep it with you and give your skin the extra care it needs any time throughout the day. Whether your face is taut, dry, and in need of a mid-day moisture boost or you’re dealing with a situation that’s left you feeling stressed and looking flushed, a few drops of serum pressed onto the affected areas provides a soothing skin treatment on the spot.
  2. Shake up your makeup routine – Not only can Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum be used as a makeup primer, but you can also mix it with your foundation! To use as a primer, warm 3-4 drops between your hands and press onto skin. Wait several minutes before following with makeup. This extra bit of time allows the oil to fully absorb, helping to hydrate, plump and smooth the surface of the skin, creating a perfect canvas for your cosmetics. You can also mix a few drops into your foundation before applying to create a lightweight base that balances your skin tone and leaves behind an all-over glowing complexion.
  3. Keep your nails in tip-top shape – Just as the ingredients in Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum help your skin, they can also condition your nails and cuticles. Place the tiniest drop at the base of each nail, and massage onto cuticles, nail beds and hands. And for a relaxing salon-style experience, add several drops to a bowl of warm water and allow your hands or feet to soak up the benefits. 
  4. Don’t stop at the top – Our skin is our largest organ, yet we focus most of our attention on caring only for our face. Why stop there when our bodies could reap the same amazing skincare benefits? Mix several drops of Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum with your favorite body lotion to give your skin a gorgeous glow and boost of hydration with added anti-aging benefits. 
  5. Take it on the road – Whether the air conditioning in your car, home, or office or the dry, recycled air on a plane, both pull moisture out of your skin and can cause your face to feel tight and dehydrated. To combat this, apply 3-4 drops of Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum over your normal moisturizer. By layering it on top, you create a protective barrier that helps maintain and lock-in moisture.   
  6. Create a DIY scrub – Facial oils provide the perfect base for making your own gentle at-home lip, hand or facial exfoliating scrub. In a small bowl, combine oil with a bit of ground coffee, sugar, or coconut sugar to create a paste-like consistency. Apply a thin layer to the area you’d like to treat, allow to sit for a few minutes, and then wipe off with a soft towel or washcloth.  
  7. Have a good hair day – Whose locks couldn’t use a little extra love! Warm a touch of Pretty Young Skin Oil Serum on fingertips and gently run over hair to tame fly-aways or apply directly to the ends to help treat split ends. If something more intense is needed, you can also use this oil as a pre-shampoo hydrating treatment. One of the main ingredients, apricot kernel oil is known for its ability to help condition and moisturize the scalp. Massage oil onto the scalp and roots of the hair, allow to sit for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with shampoo.