Seven Tips to Care for Your Skin During Winter

Seven Tips to Care for Your Skin During Winter

Our founder, Dani Pitts, recently interviewed with Bri Healthy and spoke about how to care for your skin during winter. As people who live and work in the city with frigid temperatures and frequent the slopes on the weekends, we know how our skin and take a turn for the worse in winter without proper care. Not only is dry skin irritating, but dry skin speeds up the skin’s aging process.

Escaping dry skin in winter can feel impossible, so we wanted to give you a quick list of winter skin care tips to keep your skin healthy in the colder months. Keeping your skin healthier and moisturized for longer will slow down the aging process and ensure beautiful skin.

1. Start with a good, moisturizing base
When we ski or know we’ll be outside for an extended period of time, we moisturize! Moisturizing before going outside helps lock moisture while providing a shield to the changing temperatures and cold winds. We love our Multitastic™ Barrier as a facial moisturizer.

2. Reapply your moisturizer
When you go from inside to outside and inside again, your skin quickly absorbs your moisturizer, so it’s important to keep applying it! That’s why our
 Barrier (LINK) are in stick forms, which makes them easy to apply and carry around with you in your pocket or bag. No more messy lotions leaking into your bags!

3. Avoid using hot water
We’re not going to say “don’t take a hot bath in winter”, but it’s important to know hot water can disrupt your moisture barrier
so we recommend using warm water when cleansing your face.

4. Stay hydrated!
Water isn’t directly going to heal your skin but drinking water before and after your workout replenishes your body allowing it to aid in the skin’s natural hydrating process.

You can also get hydration from fruits and veggies!
In winter, when fruits and veggies aren’t in season, we recommend foods high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids like fish or flax seeds. Keep it nourished on the inside as well the outside.

5. Protect your skin while outside with clothing 
Literally wearing a scarf to cover your face and wearing gloves is a great way to protect your skin from the harsh cold weather that can dry your skin out more quickly.

6. Find time to calm down
People with skincare issues should find time to do breathing techniques. It’s easy to internalize toxic energy. Stress responses can trigger outbreaks. Finding time to relax the body mentally and physically can help reduce skin irritations especially in the winter when skin is most vulnerable.

7. Use a humidifier 
Heat in our homes and offices often suck out any moisture in the air making our indoor environments dry which in return leaves our skin dry. Giving your office or home a little more moisture in the air can prevent our skin from becoming dry!

If you change your winter skincare habits, you’ll quickly be able to see positive results that will leave your skin more moisturized for an overall more youthful appearance. It’s all about balancing your skin care.