Summer skincare 101

It’s officially summer, and as quickly as the temps are rising so is the confusion over skincare. 

While true that some seasonal adjustments are in order, the basics of working with the skin’s natural moisture barrier remains the same. Here, DUCALM Summer Skincare 101, has everything you need to carry you straight through beach season and into the fall.   

  • Cleanse & Exfoliate – With the added heat and humidity of summer, cleansing and gentle exfoliating is a must! Whether you’re hitting the gym, the beach, or washing your face at the end of the day, always start by prepping with the Multi-Poretastic Botanic Pore Toner & Makeup Remover (LINK). Its gentle, alcohol-free formula works like a botanical cleansing water, quickly and easily removing makeup and dirt, exfoliating and refining pores, and never ever stripping your skin. Not only that, some of the season’s most coveted ingredients are packed inside, like skin-loving aloe and a calming trio of roses proven to hydrate and soothe. Tip: store in the refrigerator to bring a little extra chill on the hottest days!
  • Hydrate – Even with the sticky summer air, your skin still needs added hydration. Be sure to up your daily water intake, but rather than reaching for a heavy-duty moisturizer, opt for something lightweight with a water- or gel-based formula like the DUCALM Multitastic™ Barrier Stick (LINK).  Not only does it come in an easy-to-apply and carry anywhere stick format, but this beauty packs a double-punch of hydration with moisture magnet, Hyaluronic Acid, and H20 inside! Plus, advanced skincare innovation makes it cool to the touch, so it feels like a mist of refreshing water gliding across your skin. Combine that with calming botanicals like Calendula, Arnica, Marshmallow Root Extract and a matte finish, and you’ve got the perfect primer and must-have moisturizer of the season! Did we mention it’s even safe for use around the eyes?!?
  • Protect – Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! While this summer, in particular, has raised plenty of questions about the safest sunscreen ingredients thanks to the FDA’s proposal on sunscreen, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, over 90% of the signs of aging on your face are caused by the sun’s damaging UV rays. That means, whether your SPF on choice contains a physical blocker like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide or a chemical ingredient like avobenzone, be sure you’re applying liberally and often. Try to limit exposure during the peak hours of 10 AM to 2 PM, always reapply after sweating or swimming, and don’t forget about crucial areas that are often overlooked, like the part of your hair, tops of your ears and your lips. 
  • Soothe, Repair & Treat – Even with proper hydration and sun protection, we all overdo it from time to time. That’s why it’s important to keep Multitastic™ Moisturizing Stick (LINK). on hand. Safe for use from head to toe, this nourishing balm soothes, calms redness and irritation caused by everything from razor burn to sunburn. It even acts as a highlighter when applied to the tops of the cheeks and along the collar bone.  
  • Add a sexy glow - lots of us who favor natural skincare really loves a dewy glow, sans foundation or heavy makeup. Regular use of our coveted Young Glow Duo kit (LINK). will get you clear, balanced and glowing skin that you can rock with just touches of blush and mascara for a natural and light summer look.  It is also a fab overnight repair system to help boost cell turnover, fine lines and wrinkles.