Sweating & Your Skin Health

Sweating & Your Skin Health

Our DUCALM tribe relishes in the glow of a rigorous sweaty workout and we are here to tell you a few tips that will help keep your skin clear and you more comfortable on the go. As we know, sweating is a GOOD thing and a NECESSARY bodily function.  The purpose of sweating is to regulate our body temperature, but it does much more than keep us from overheating.


What is sweat?

Simply put, when we start to heat up, water is released through glands in our skin and the resulting water evaporates and thus cools our body. Mostly composed of water, our sweat also contains some sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium (which is why it’s recommended to drink liquids with “electrolytes” as these minerals help regulate responses in the muscles and the body such as blood acidity and blood pressure, aiding hydration and tissue repair. Some pheromones are mixed in there as well as stinky bacteria on the skin that breaks down the nitrogenous by-products from the foods we eat and produces an acid and it’s can smell foul. Each person is different and has unique levels based on their chemistry and food choices. This is the culprit for all our foul smelling gym clothes and socks. Heavy protein eaters will notice a heavier odor for instance.


But is it a Good Thing?

Yes, sweat is detoxifying as you can see from the above mentioned. We are focusing in this article on regular sweating from strenuous activity or exercise and it is a good thing! There are medical conditions where excessive sweat when you’re not exercising can be a sign of a condition, but we will not dive into that today. If you feel like this is your question it’s best to see your family physician for a check up. Sweating in during exercise is a sure sign you are reaching a level of exercise that is pumping up your cardiovascular health. Sweating on hot days is a testament to healthy bodily functions so you prevent chances of getting heat stroke and that your natural cooling mechanism is working.


Sweating & Skincare!

So what do we do with our sweaty selves? In regards to skincare, sweat is both a friend and a foe. As much as the sweating process is great for purging the skin of bacteria, dirt, and oils, the trick is to NOT keep these things on the skin afterward. Blackheads, comedones, acne, all these nuisances can appear due allowing the sweat to dry on your face. We recommend washing your face before you work out to reduce the amount of impurities that sweat out of your pores. Our Jelly Rose™ Balancing Facial Cleanser has a gorgeous blend of antioxidants and plant-based extracts for those of you who have acne-prone or combination skin. During our workout, make sure you hydrate with good ol’ fashioned water to replenish the weather in the body that you are losing. Dehydration is a minor factor in good skincare that should not be overlooked but moreover is important for cellular functions in the body. So drink up! The post workout clean up is most important! If you do not have time to take a shower to use our cleanser, take our Post Sweat Refresh Wipes with you. This wipe has a soothing, cooling effect that comes from aloe and cucumber juice extracts and avena sativa to replenish your skin. Carry it with you in your purse or your gym bag and be confident that you are keeping your skin healthy while sweating by removing the toxins and bacteria that is in your sweat left on top of your skin. So if you can’t shower we say, “no shower no problem” with DUCALM MD walk out clean and post sweat refresh wipes.