Sweaty Science – DUCALM’s 3-step Post Workout Skincare Routine

Sweaty Science – DUCALM’s 3-step Post Workout Skincare Routine

As you know, working out and sweating is a fave at DUCALM and we are all about a great post workout skincare routine! Sweat works to protect your skin through the moisture barrier, so it is fantastic for your skin but there are some things you can incorporate to make your sweat work better for you. Think about it as training your skin, the same way you train your body! You warm up, you work out and you stretch, right?

Let’s dive into post workout skincare!

1. Pre-workout cleanse your skin to sweat clean (warmup)

First things first, don’t strip the valuable moisture barrier when cleansing as this can disrupt your skin microbiome and make your skin vulnerable to damage and infection. We go gentle and chemical free. Also, remember that sweat cleanses your pores from within and circulate nutrients, so if you workout later in the day, try a pre workout cleanse! Makeup residue or excess dirt accumulated throughout the day can disrupt the sweat pore cleansing process and upset your skin. Try our makeup removing wipes or Multi-Poretastic for this step.

2. Post-workout cleanse your skin gently (workout)

Gently remove drying sweat right after your sweat session without stripping your skin with harsh chemicals. Adding this step will further help your skin recover and avoid breakouts. This is a crucial step and one that many are confused about. We often get asked, should I, or shouldn’t I wash my face right after working out? The answer is yes but do it right! This is the actual workout of your skincare routine. Our best tip, avoid cheap soaps or generic products that are often available in dressing rooms and laden with chemicals. Leave nothing to chance here and pack a Walk Out Clean Shower Wipe our Post Sweat Refresh wipe for that quick and nourishing reboot.

3. Rehydrate with skin loving ingredients (stretch it out)

Sweating is amazing for your skin but also dehydrating, it’s salty remember! To protect that post workout glow, we add moisture and nutrients after your post-workout cleanse. Our Barrier is a great post workout recovery tool, and if you feel more luxe, try the Young Glow Duo to replenish, nourish and hydrate.