What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

What Does Hyaluronic Acid Do?

Hyaluronic acid—chances are you are not a stranger to this term. Now-a-days it’s nearly impossible to not hear of hyaluronic acid being mentioned in the beauty industry. So what is all of the hype about? We are here today to familiarize you with this powerful, naturally-occurring substance, as well as to let you in on what the most recent scientific research is saying about the benefits of integrating hyaluronic acid into your daily skincare routine.


So, what exactly is hyaluronic acid?

For starters, hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that is naturally produced in all of our bodies-mainly found in our skin and within our connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid within our bodies functions to hold a thousand times its weight in water, allowing for our skin, hair, eyes and nerves to be properly lubricated, as well as for our joints to be sufficiently cushioned. Pretty impressive, right? To add, not only does hyaluronic acid allow for us to achieve moisture in these areas that need it most, but it also locks essential moisture into our skin, preventing it from escaping and evaporating into the air.


How will hyaluronic acid benefit my skin?

 Hyaluronic acid is the key molecule involved in our skins’ moisture. Just as our natural production of elastin and collagen decline as we age, the same is true for our natural production of hyaluronic acid.

When our production of hyaluronic acid begins to decline, our skin becomes withered, saggy and DRY. This is the point in time when we start to notice a decrease in the “plumpness” of our skin, and we start noticing those fine lines and wrinkles becoming way more evident. That being said-have no fear, we have a solution for you!

The most recent scientific research shows that by supplementing your skin daily with a topical application of hyaluronic acid, you may be able to make those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles less apparent-even the super deep ones! In addition, your skin may begin to regain its “plumpness”, which naturally allows for your skin to radiate youthfulness and glow from the inside out. What more could we ask for? 

Now that we got all of the complex stuff out of the way, we are excited to share with you more information about our Multitastic™ Barrier. This product will be the perfect match for you to add into your skincare routine, especially if any of the previously mentioned scenarios were relatable!


DUCALM’s Multitastic™ Barrier

Current research shows that topical hyaluronic acid works best when it’s combined with a moisturizing serum. The moisturizing serum will infuse sufficient hydration into your skin cells and the topical hyaluronic acid will lock that moisture in so that it does not escape. Thankfully, our Multitastic™ Barrier provides you with both in a single product! This facial-moisturizing-serum-hyaluronic-acid combo (try saying that 5 times fast) comes in a stick and is easy to bring everywhere. You will indulge in the cooling and soothing sensation this product will leave you with, as it contains natural botanicals such as calendula, arnica and marshmallow root extract, which work together to really calm the skin. Apply to your full face as an excellent primer for makeup or sunscreen or use as a great top layer to lock in hydration and create a protective barrier from outside pollutants. This product also works great as an active recovery for post-workout skin, which will provide you with a quick moisture boost.


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