What I have learned about my skin – a skincare line Founder’s guiding principles to healthy, glowing skin.

What I have learned about my skin – a skincare line Founder’s guiding principles to healthy, glowing skin.

It was always hard for me to find a skincare system that worked and helped clear my skin problems.

Before I started DUCALM I dealt with oily skin, enlarged pores and monthly breakouts. I dealt with these problems by using A LOT of products. It was very challenging to keep this complicated routine up during busy times, when I was traveling or just too tired to bother with it all, it wasn’t sustainable for me and frankly it wasn’t working well.

When I decided to start DUCALM Skincare it was after years of ingredient research and testing, I was thrilled to discover formulas that were uncomplicated and balanced, fewer ingredients that worked together in synergy, not against each other. For the first time, I do less, and I accomplish so much more. My skin is clear, healthy and happy.

My guiding skincare principles comes from a few easily understood facts: 

  • Clogged pores come from improper cleansing. Not fully expunging clogged pores will result in breakouts.
  • Makeup is nice but too much of it, especially layering throughout the day and touching up with more means your skin never gets the chance to breathe.
  • Over cleansing, masking and layering harsh ingredients or ingredients that are not designed to mix can also lead to breakouts. Less is more!
  • Physical exfoliating followed by chemical exfoliating strips the sensitive skin moisture barrier and makes skin break out. I’m truly skeptical towards brands that suggest layering many products and ingredients because I have seen what they do to my face and how clear my skin can be without doing that.
  • Working out with makeup can cause skin irritations and breakouts. I always sweat clean, meaning I workout bare faced. I designed products that offers gentle cleansing before and after you workout to help your skin recovery.
  • I give my skin a break from products and makeup once a week to let it detox and breathe.
  • Oils with omega 6 fatty acids -linoleic acid = your skin’s best friend. Healthy skin has a naturally higher composition of this acid in the acid mantle or barrier and skin with a waxy oily acne prone nature has a higher composition of omega 9 fatty acid or oleic acid. We do not naturally synthesize linoleic acid so it has to be eaten or applied to the skin. Love those avocados! I formulated DUCALM using oils rich in linoleic acid to balance the barrier and protect the skin.


My favorite DUCALM products

– Multi-portastic is a makeup remover and toner that helps me remove all trace of makeup and dirt while being so gentle to the skin and leaves it cleansed, hydrated and supple. This is my hero product.

– Young Glow Duo mixes to your specific moisture needs. I designed this duo to be mixed into your hands before application, feeling dry, add more oil, feeling oily, go heavier on the moisturizer and lighter on the oil.