How to transform your skin with the right, barrier supporting oils

How to transform your skin with the right, barrier supporting oils

The term “baby-soft skin” exists for a reason – when we are first born, each one of us has our very own perfectly balanced and resilient protective skin barrier.  It consists of the outermost layer of your epidermis, called the stratum corneum, which made of overlapping cell connections fortified with the lipids produced by your sebaceous glands.  The stratum corneum is the layer of your skin that is actively shedding dead cells, which makes it as delicate as it is important to your skin’s health.  The three main components of a functional skin barrier are cholesterol, fatty acids (such as stearic or palmitic acid) and ceramides.   As we age, the balance of these components becomes more and more crucial. 

This barrier works to keep the “good” (electrolytes and water) in, and the “bad” (sun, wind, pollution, and irritants) out.  Keeping this layer happy is essential to a youthful and healthy complexion.  There are unfortunately many ways to damage this barrier – exposure to the elements, over-exfoliation, and not drinking enough water, among others.  Even using the wrong type of soap for your skin or spending too much time in a dry room can harm this outer layer.  With enough damage, your skin begins to form tiny, invisible cracks which allow moisture to escape and irritants to enter easily.

Luckily, there are ways to strengthen and repair this moisture barrier when damage occurs.  In addition to staying hydrated from within and using a moisturizer that contains “humectants” or water-binding agents, a routine meant to repair the skin barrier requires “occlusives” or oils that coat the stratum corneum and prevent moisture from evaporating.  A good occlusive is high in the right kind of lipids to accelerate repair.  However, it is not always easy to tell which lipids are the best solution for our skin. Not all oils are created equally!  For example, olive oil contains oleic acid, which can actually cause tiny holes in the skin barrier.

The DUCALM Pretty Young Skin oils are designed with this in mind – when I created the line, my goal was to use safe, natural, and effective occlusive ingredients to repair and prevent everyday damage.  Our Young Glow Duo contains components including ceramide-rich sunflower oil, kalahari melon seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, primrose, and chia seed oil.  Each of these oils is high in the linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids that serve as the building blocks our skin needs to repair itself and keep our outer skin layers healthy.  It not only treats and repairs damage and scarring, but also serves to correct the cause of these issues.  Our smooth-beam glowing facial moisturizer and pretty young skinglowing oil serum combine to sink deep into the skin’s layers to soothe the complexion and enrich you with a gorgeous glow, without the greasy feeling some occlusives might leave. 

I wanted to create a product that fits seamlessly into a daily routine. The Young Glow Duo is a quick and effective part of a barrier-building skincare regimen.  These oils can be applied as the last step in the morning before using a sunscreen, or prior to using any retinols in the evening for maximum absorption and benefit.  A skin barrier strengthened with DUCALM™ oils will absorb and cling to moisture more readily, turning back the clock on your skin to give you a soft and supple appearance.  See great results – you will have noticeably smoother application of makeup, and when barefaced you’ll beam with confidence.  You can view further information and reviews on the The Young Glow Duo line here on our site.  I love them and I know you will too!


Xo Dani